“It is true that we cannot make a genius.  We can only give to each child the chance to fulfill his potential possibilities.”
Maria Montessori

Our Primary Program serves children from ages 3-6 in a multi-age classroom.  Through our daily work cycle, the children have the ability to choose any of the work they would like while receiving lessons from the teachers to further their learning and understanding.  The opportunities for furthering a child’s learning in the Primary Classroom are endless!  Knowing that children do not learn the same way, the structure of the Montessori classroom provides them with the opportunity to work at their own pace in areas that interest them.  Through close observation, the teachers are able to see where each child is developmentally in each area of the classroom; this helps them to better guide the children in their learning.  In the Primary Program we begin our morning with a three hour work cycle.  During this three hour work cycle the children are free to move between the classrooms giving them the opportunity to work with all of the teachers as well as interact with all of the children.  Each classroom is set up in a way that it provides all areas of learning for the children but each classroom offers different learning opportunities for them to explore.  At the end of the work cycle, the children come together for outside gross motor time, followed by our first dismissal at 11:30.  The children who remain at school come together for lunch then separate into two groups – those that nap, and those that attend Extended Day (Kindergarten).  During this two hour window, the children who are part of the Extended Day are learning concepts needed for the following year when they enter first grade.  At the end of the day, children come together once again, outside for gross motor time, and our second dismissal at 2:45.